Custom Software on the Cloud


Why have to install the same application over and over again on each computer when you can have one centralised application on the cloud, accessible from anywhere, through any device, 24/7? We can develop any custom web application to suit the needs of your business. Hello 21st century!

A custom web application to help your business

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

A custom web based application will digitalise your business processes and make your workflows smoother than ever. We will design and develop a custom solution based on your needs and how you work, with productivity and efficiency in mind.

Improve control of your business

Having a custom web application means you can reach your business 24/7 on any device. All our systems are mobile & tablet friendly enabling you to work from wherever & whenever you want.

Increase Competitivity

A custom web based application will save you time and money. Use your human resources where they’re needed. Embrace technology and stay ahead off the curve.

Increase Peace of Mind

Having a cloud based web application means all the data is centralised so you always have one latest version of your data. More importantly, this data is constantly being backed up and synced, so you never have to worry about losing any of your data.

Reduce Costs

A web application will help you save on time & reduce chances of human error. Repetitive & manual tasks can be digitalised into a software solution making them simpler and quicker to do. This can reduce your staff requirements and use such valuable resources where they’re truly needed.

Simplify Business Processes

We will analyse your business and help you automate and simplify various processes. We can also integrate with business intelligence tools which will learn trends from your customers.

Collaboration is key

We make sure to involve you deeply throughout the process when designing and developing your custom web application. We make sure we understand exactly your business and your requirements, before moving to the design and development stage. We’re never happy until you are.

We use several collaboration tools to facilitate the process, whilst continuously showing you wireframes & prototypes at each step to get your feedback. Here’s how we’ll work.

1. Discover
First, we discuss what you need. Next, we give you a detailed proposal with clear timeframes and cost.
2. Kick-Off
We start proceedings with a kick-off meeting where the planning process is fleshed out.
3. Design
Now we design wireframes, sketches, interactive prototypes. These ensure that we’re all on the same page. 
4. Build
Next up, we get to work developing the project, according to your requirements. We’ll show you various prototypes and User Acceptance Tests (UAT), because we’re in love with the Agile Software Development Model and want to build stuff that works incredibly well.
5. Launch
Then, we launch & deploy your project online. This is an important milestone worth celebrating. May we suggest coffee and cake?
6. Support & Maintenance
Now that your project is online, you are not alone.  We will offer support and maintenance so you don’t need to worry.

Technologies Used

Nothing speaks better  than appraisals from our clients.

Case Studies

What’s better than checking out Custom web Application Development work that we have done.  Take a look at the case studies below.