An open-source superheroic front-end framework to build powerful web applications backed up by Google

Angular is a framework which makes building Single Page Applications (SPA) development easier and more structured. Through Angular one can build powerful desktop-like applications deployed over the web, accessible on any device.

Why Angular?

Blazing Fast User Experience

Through Angular, one builds what is known as a Single Page Application (SPA) that live in the browser. SPAs are extremely fast as most of the resources required are downloaded only once upon load. From then on, there are no entire page refreshes as in normal web applications and instead only the required data is transmitted back and forth. This improves drastically the loading speed of pages and gives the impression that the web application is like a desktop application, with all the advantages of the web. Popular examples of SPAs are Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook amongst others.

Open-Source Framework backed by Google

Angular is an open-source framework that has a huge community of developers which is also backed up by Google. Having Google’s back ensures that the framework is extremely reliable, solid and well tested. This gives the possibility to build enterprise-level solutions.

Single Page Application vs Desktop Based Application

No Installation

Having such Single Page Applications (SPA) deployed over the web, no installation is required.

All you need is a thin-client, whether its a mobile, tablet or laptop connected to the internet using a modern web browser and you’re ready to go.

No updates to the system are required as they are automatically deployed on the cloud and the users will always see the latest version. This saves time in deploying upgrades & patches to your software by your IT team.

Accessible Anywhere 24/7

Having a system built as web-based Single Page Application (SPA) gives you the flexibility to access the application from wherever you want, through any device you have, on any operating system and anytime you want. No need to invest in any high-specification devices.

This gives you the freedom to work remotely. If security is an issue, the system can be secured through the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Cloud Backups

All your data is stored seamlessly over the cloud so you do not have to worry about stringent backup procedures. Being deployed over the cloud, the minute you do any changes to your data, it is automatically saved online and thus there is practically no chance of losing any data.

This gives you peace of mind to focus on your business operations and saves you costs on having to have an IT team to manage your backup procedures.

Some of our clients

Some clients whom we have developed their solution using Angular.