Let us make your business more efficient & productive whilst reducing costs

We will sit down together, understand your business and offer solutions in how we can improve your business processes whilst reducing costs.

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) helps your business

Improve Productivity & Efficiency

Through Business Process Reengineering we will analyse and map out your business processes and transform these into digital solutions, helping your business become more productive and efficient.

Improve Decision Making

We can develop the application to provide you with reports to help you analyse and understand your data. Start making informed decisions in a fraction of the time and with more confidence.

Improve Control of Your Business

Our solutions will enable you to reach your business 24/7 on any device. All our systems are mobile & tablet friendly enabling you to work from wherever & whenever you want.

Reducing costs

Investing in software helps you save on time & reduce chances of human error. Repetitive & manual tasks can be digitalised into a software solution making them simpler and quicker to do. Validation of data input ensures that there is a lower chance of human error. This can reduce your staff requirements or use the saved time elsewhere.

Simplify Processes

We will analyse your business and help you automate and simplify various processes. This concept is known as Business Process Reengineering (BPR). The aim is to improve your business.

Increase Competitivity

Streamlining your business processes will save you time and money. Use your human resources where they’re needed. The rest, leave up to our custom software development team.

Collaboration is key

We’ll start off by understanding your business in depth and once we have a good understanding, we will involve you deeply throughout the journey of Business Process Reengineering. This way you can provide us invaluable feedback to ensure that the solution we are proposing fits in line with your business processes. This is all done through the use of collaborative tools to map your processes using specification documents, flowcharts and swimlane diagrams.

We use the Agile Methodology and this is how we work

1. Discover
First, we discuss what you need. Next, we give you a detailed proposal with clear timeframes and cost.
2. Kick-Off
We start proceedings with a kick-off meeting where the planning process is fleshed out.
3. Design
Now we design wireframes, sketches, interactive prototypes. These ensure that we’re all on the same page. 
4. Build
Next up, we get to work developing the project, according to your requirements. We’ll show you various prototypes and User Acceptance Tests (UAT), because we’re in love with the Agile Software Development Model and want to build stuff that works incredibly well.
5. Launch
Then, we launch & deploy your project online. This is an important milestone worth celebrating. May we suggest coffee and cake?
6. Support & Maintenance
Now that your project is online, you are not alone.  We will offer support and maintenance so you don’t need to worry.

Technologies Used

Nothing speaks better  than appraisals from our clients.