Cut on costs by outsourcing and offshoring your IT needs


We can be your outsourced IT department. There’s nothing we can’t handle, and our vast wealth of knowledge and experience is a guarantee you’ll get the best you can get.

IT Outsourcing and offshoring will help your business

Reducing costs

The biggest benefit of IT outsourcing and offshoring is you get a better IT service at a fraction of the cost. You’ll only be paying for what you need as opposed to forking out the money for a while IT department.

Increase peace of mind

Focus on your business and we’ll handle all your IT needs. We will provide all the necessary training and provide you with a User Manual where required, so you’re always confident in what you’re doing.

Take control of your business

Don’t waste your time figuring out your IT needs. We can handle that. You can focus your energy on what you do best.

Collaboration is key 

We make sure to involve you deeply throughout every process. We use several collaboration tools to facilitate your IT outsourcing and offshoring experience, whilst continuously showing you wireframes & prototypes to collect feedback. We us several remote tools to make sure we make our collaboration as effective and smooth as possible. You’ll always be updated, as if we’re physically there.

1. Discover
First, we discuss what you need. Next, we give you a detailed proposal with clear timeframes and cost.
2. Kick-Off
We start proceedings with a kick-off meeting where the planning process is fleshed out.
3. Design
Now we design wireframes, sketches, interactive prototypes. These ensure that we’re all on the same page. 
4. Build
Next up, we get to work developing the project, according to your requirements. We’ll show you various prototypes and User Acceptance Tests (UAT), because we’re in love with the Agile Software Development Model and want to build stuff that works incredibly well.
5. Launch
Then, we launch & deploy your project online. This is an important milestone worth celebrating. May we suggest coffee and cake?
6. Support & Maintenance
Now that your project is online, you are not alone.  We will offer support and maintenance so you don’t need to worry.

Technologies Used

Nothing speaks better  than appraisals from our clients.