Every website design project needs to be managed through a Content Management System (CMS).  All the website design projects delivered by CasaSoft are integrated with a Content Management System (CMS).  Some of the highly popular Content Management Systems we can integrate with are:

  • Umbraco Content Management System (CMS) - A highly powerful and customizable Content Management System using the .NET platform.  We can integrate your website and customize it to fit your needs.
  • WordPress Content Management System - A highly popular PHP based Content Management System which have got an extremely large user base and contributors in the open source community.  This is mostly popular for blog websites but is nowadays also used for any kind of website design project.
  • NOP Commerce - An advanced e-commerce Content Management System based on the .NET platform which will help you manage your entire e-commerce website and online shop.

Both of the Content Management Systems above will help you manage your website in the following manner:

  • Manage Content - Manage all your website content through the Content Management System by changing images, texts, news, press releases, vacancies, blog posts, contact forms amongst various others.
  • Manage E-Commerce Website - If you have an e-commerce enabled website, the Content Management System will help you manage products, customers, offers, discounts, shipping methods, taxes, invoicing and output reports.
  • Manange Blog Website - If you have a blog website, the Content Management System will help you manage your authors and subscribers.  Set a content review workflow in order to approve and publish content.
  • Manage Portfolio Website - If you use your website to manage your portfolio, whether you are a designer showcasing your work on your website or a photographer displaying your images on your website, a Content Management System can help you manage all your portfolio through easy uploading of images and content.  The Content Management System will automatically resize and optimise images for your website.
  • Manage Users - Provide access to your Content Management System easily and securely through role based authorisation.  Make sure that users access only content which they are authorised to.

Whatever your Content Management System requirements, we can help you out with integrating your website design and development with such a system.  We will also offer web hosting for your Content Management System.