Client: Air Malta | Project Type: Custom Software Application | Sector: Transport & Aviation

A custom web based software application simplifying the process of formatting flight plans for Air Malta

A flight plan is required before every flight which Air Malta performs. Our custom web based software application helps Air Malta prepare these flight plans in an easier manner whilst being more accessible on their tablets. CasaSoft has provided the development for both the internal back office system and also its responsive frontend to access the system through any device 24/7.

What did we do?

We sat down with Air Malta to understand the format that they wanted their flight plans to be prepared & formatted. We delivered a system which is very easy-to-use and accessible from any device so that crew members can login directly through their tablets and view their respective flight plans.

How did we do it?

We love Agile. All the specifications where clearly laid out through specification documents in order to make sure that all the business processes are clearly mapped out in a digital solution. After ensuring that the specifications were confirmed, we custom built the system to fit their needs.

Who uses the system?

The system is used by all Air Malta’s crew who perform the flights, being Cabin Crew, Captains, First Officers, Operations Control and Operation Clerks.

Key features of our solution

Flight Plans

Flight plans are formatted from a computer readable format into an easier to understand and human readable format. The flight plans are automatically generated in PDF format so that users can view them easily on all the devices they use to access the system, from wherever they want, 24/7.


Automatic advices and notifications can be easily generated and delivered to the respective crew members depending on the rules created within the system. This facilitates communication as such notifications are directly visible on the system upon login of the respective crew member.

Weather Images

Through the flight plans, the system extracts weather images which are an important feature factored in by captains in order to plan their flight. These images can be easily downloaded on their tablets for review.

User Manual

The software is very easy to use and to make it even easier, the system is also backed up by an online collaborative user manual so that all the different users of the system can refer to on how to use the system. This also helps staff training as the knowledge is documented in such a manual.

The system in numbers

User Types
Flight Plans Yearly

How did our solution help Air Malta?

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

Air Malta’s crew can perform such tasks in a much easier manner through the custom software application developed. This increases their productivity & efficiency as it frees up time from their crew members which before was required in order to understand such flight plans.

Improve Decision Making

Through making data more accessible and easier to understand, decisions about the flight are easier to make as all the data is presented in a more understandable format.

Improve Control

Having the software web-based, it gives Air Malta’s crew more control as they can access such data from wherever they want through all the devices, 24/7

Increase Peace of Mind

All the data and formatted flight plans are stored on the cloud on their server. Stringent backup procedures are in place in order to ensure that the data is stored & secured safely.

Simplifying Business Processes

The system automates various processes which simplifie the way these flight plans are formatted. This helps Air Malta make such processes smoother, efficient and with less chances of human error.