If you're looking at expanding your website to support e-commerce targeting Malta, Europe or internationally, CasaSoft can help you with providing an e-commerce website design solution.  

Whether you have a small shop who would like a small e-commerce website or a well established firm requiring a fully fledged e-commerce website, we can help you out in all cases.

Start accepting online payments now through payment gateways of your choice such as:

  • E-Commerce through PayPal - Integrate your website design and development with the highly popular PayPal payment gateway and start accepting online payments now through your e-commerce website.  Through PayPal your website can now accept direct credit card payments without the need of having a PayPal account.
  • E-Commerce through your own Payment Gateway - We can integrate with any payment gateway of your choice and thus enabling you to accept your preferred methods of payment directly from your e-commerce enabled website.

We can offer the following e-commerce services:

  • Content Management System (CMS)Manage your online shop through our e-commerce Content Management System (CMS) such as:
    • Manage Online Shop Products - Simply edit and update products in your e-commerce website.
    • Manage Customers - Your e-commerce website is nothing without your customers.  
    • Marketing - You can easily set offers, discounts, coupons and gift cards within your e-commerce website.
    • Manage Shipping Methods - Whether you want your e-commerce website to sell locally in Malta or Internationally, you can set any shipping methods of your choice and let you e-commerce system do all the required work and calculations for you.
    • Manage Taxes / VAT Rates - Relieve yourself from the headache of taxes and let the e-commerce system calculate all the required reports for you.
    • Invoicing System - Invoices will be automatically generated to your customers.
    • Bulk Import / Export - Manage your e-commerce website products easily through the bulk import / export which words directly from a spreadsheet, such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Web Hosting - Your e-commerce website would require web hosting in Malta or abroad in order to be accessible by your shop customers.  We can help you out with the setup of the ideal web hosting solution for your online shop.