Client: Inspectorate | Project Type: Custom Enterprise Solution Development | Sector: Gas & Oil

Streamlining business processes to make them more efficient & productive through a custom enterprise solution

CasaSoft teamed up with Inspectorate Malta to analyse their business processes and convert them into a customised digital enterprise solution. Inspectorate are experts in testing & inspection and provides precision analytical testing to both international recognised standards and customer specific methodologies. All the different key members login to one centralised system to perform their day to day tasks in an easier & more productive manner whilst ensuring less chances of error and cross-checking.

What did we do?

We analysed the way Inspectorate worked on a day to day basis in order to map their business processes in a digital solution which performed their needs. All the different key roles have been identified and each have been set up with different authorisation and access levels.

How did we do it?

Through the Agile Software Development Methodology we made sure that Inspectorate were involved deeply throughout the planning stages. Planning is key towards the success of every project and all their operations were mapped out in detailed specifications, flowcharts, video presentations and swim lanes. Through the Agile methodology we made sure to provide continuous prototypes to gather invaluable feedback and ensure the system is shaped up according to their requirements.

Who uses the system?

The system is used by all the different key roles within Inspectorate being Operation Clerks, Operation Coordinators, Lab Clerks, Lab Coordinators, Lab Analysts & Chemists, Surveyors and Managers.

Key features of our solution

Job Creation & Management

The system is responsible for the entire process starting from the job creation by operations clerk to the data input of job sheets by the lab analysts whilst being approved and validated by their coordinators and managers. Through this system, every process follows each other in a systematic manner.

Validation & Cross-Checking

The nature of their industry is very technical and requires a high level of precision. Validation rules are set up as part of the system so as to reduce the chances of human error whilst ensuring that less double checking is required.

Certificate PDF Generation

Once all the job sheets are finalised, the final certificate is generated in PDF format to submit to their clients in a very easy manner. This reduced the time & effort required to compile all the different results in one final certificate through a manual process and reduces the chances of human error.

Notification System

The system includes an advanced notification system such that all the respective users are notified either through the internal dashboard or via email.

Audit Log

All user activity is logged through an audit log to ensure that the system is fully accountable and trust worthy. All actions performed can be traced back according to the user who created them and according to the date & time performed.

Back Office

The system is linked with a custom made back-office developed on top of Umbraco, an open-source Content Management System (CMS) which helps them manage all their tests, job sheets, validation rules and cross-checking.

Ticketing System

To help support & maintain the project, a ticketing system was set up so that all key members of the project can report any issues / new features in a systematic manner.

The system in numbers

User Roles
Test Methods

How did our solution help Inspectorate?

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

Through the concept of Business Process Reengineering (BPR), CasaSoft digitalised their manual business processed in a custom enterprise software solution which is extremely easy to use and automates several calculations & processes.

Improve Control

The system is integrated with a secure authentication mechanism such that all users can log in to the system wherever they want using any device 24/7. This helps them increase their control on their business.

Increase Peace of Mind

Data is stored & backed up regularly on the cloud. This eliminates the need for stringent backup procedures at the office as everything is handled automatically through their server hosting.

Reducing Costs

When you automate certain processes, employees end up having more time on their hand which they can use elsewhere. Validation and automatic cross checking ensures that the users does not need to do such processes themselves.

Increase Competitivity

Through such a software solution, Inspectorate can become more competitive as everything is more structured and organised. Consistency is promoted as all the processes follow each other in a systematic way, reducing the chance of human errors.

Simplifying Business Processes

Several processes have been automated and standardised through the custom enterprise solution built. This helps simplifying certain business processes while ensuring that each process follows each other in a structured manner.

These are the services we helped Inspectorate with