Take decisions with confidence. 

Our custom software solutions can analyse your data and provide custom reports as per your needs. We can also integrate the system with business intelligence tools to help you understand your customers even better.

Improve decision making by

Custom Reports

A custom software solution can be developed in such a way as to provide you with custom reports as you might need in order to help you see and understand your data better.

Streamline Processes

We can analyse your processes and transform these into a digital solution, cutting the time it used to take you to perform one single task by more than half. If your processes change as your business grows, we can adapt your digital solution accordingly.


As businesses grow, a lot of unnecessary steps and procedures are added until you come at a point where a lot of time is wasted on unnecessary steps. Our business process reengineering will help you streamline your processes so you can focus on making the right decisions instead.

Nothing speaks better  than appraisals from our clients.

Casasoft understood the Romy Foods concept perfectly and were bang on with their proposed design for the website.  The development was carried out in a professional and timely manner.  We are also working with Casasoft  on various other projects but mainly to develop a  back office portal where our customers and suppliers can submit and share information.  Their system is very  user friendly, scalable and  efficient.  Casasoft are definitely recommended.

Maria Zahra | Project Manager
Romy Foods