Since the beginning of November, we have started working on our new office space which will be located in Paola. We are extremely looking forward to start working from this new location but before that, a lot of work has to be done. After finishing the 3D designs of our new office space, we have to materialize such designs and produce them realistically within our new space. This is where the tough work comes in. Currently the office space is filled with gypsum boards, wooden planks, ladders, dust and whatever else you can imagine within a place being under construction. To bring the office as we are envisaging, we have to:

  • Relocate and add electrical socket outlets for ease of access.
  • Pass CAT-6 network cable for the highest possible network speeds.
  • Cover three walls with gypsum boards to hide all electricity and networking wires
  • Create a small server room from gypsum boards
  • Painting (We're still deciding on the colours!)
  • Flooring
  • Furniture
  • Relocate office
  • Celebrate and inaugurate new office! :)

All the above means a lot of hard working days ahead. Working on projects during the day, and working on the new office during the night! We are constantly taking pictures of the progress and we're attaching some pictures below. We'll keep you posted with the progress and status of our new office space.