I have just upgraded the computer that I work with to a great rig - A Quad-Core CPU, Intel Core2Quad Q6600 that works brilliantly. It's also the latest version, sporting the G0 stepping, which is much more efficient and thermal-efficient than the previous B3 stepping. Very suitable for running many applications at once, and for its great speeds. Also, will soon be overclocking it to its max (on air), to get the most juice out of it. They're renowned to be great overclockers... Let's see if they live up to their name! Apart from that, my computer consists of:

  • Asus P5K-E/WiFi-AP P35 Motherboard
  • Intel Core2Quad Q6600
  • 2x 1GB Mushkin Enhanced PC2-8500 (5-5-4-12)
  • 2x 500 GB Seagate SATA2 16MB cache Hard Disks, in Raid 0 (stripe) setup
  • 2x 250 GB Maxtor SATA2 8MB cache Hard Disks, in Raid 1 (mirror) setup
  • 1x 500 GB Seagate SATA2 16MB cache Hard Disk
  • 1x LG DVD-RW 18x
  • Gainward nVidia GeForce 7300LE (was a 7600GT, that failed and is currently in process of being RMAed)

Will update once I've finished overclocking, and it is stable, and let you know my results!