Finally, we have found some time to update our portfolio after quite some time without any updates. Being extremely busy sometimes its difficult to find time for your own work. Over these last months we have launched: Classifieds is an extremely popular portal which helps people access various popular websites at the click of a button. Recently we have launched a new classifieds section where people can post classified adverts for free. Such a classifieds website features a fully blown content management system (CMS) to help the administrators manage the entire website. All adverts are classified into different categories and users can register and post totally for FREE. Take a look at the new classifieds. Esprit Yachting Earlier this year we have launched the new website for Esprit Yachting, distributors of luxury yachts, yacht charter company and servicing. This website is a rich interactive fully Flash based website compliment the luxury of the products & services delivered by Esprit Yachting. This website, like all of our websites features a fully fledged content management system which helps administrators manage all the content of the website from the comfort of their office. Mad Motors Malta Mad Motors Malta is a Flash based e-commerce website which we have launched earlier this year featuring thousands of automotive products for sale online. Through the interactive and rich user interface, one can easily navigate through thousands of products found within such a website. Users can easily add items to their shopping cart and buy items online. We have even implemented a system which is capable of parsing data automatically online from suppliers and inputted directly within our database in our required format. A system which is capable of parsing and handling thousands of products efficiently. Despite being a fully Flash based website, vast search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques have been adopted in order to expose content for search engine and obtain the best possible search engine rankings. In fact such a website ranks extremely well for various keywords such as 'body kits malta', 'alloy wheels malta' amongst various others! This website features a comprehensive content management system (CMS) which is used to administer the entire content of the website.

We are currently working on various international projects, projects for clients based in India, Costa Rica, United Kingdom and Slovakia as well as various other projects for local clients. More information should be out later on! :) We are even working on giving a new revamp to our corporate website, something which we would like to launch with our new office space! More information on our new office space can be found within our Facebook page.