Finally! We have managed to launch our new website which we have been eagerly waiting to develop. Due to the huge amount of work we had (and still have) from clients, we had to delay the development of the new website. Finally, we managed to dedicate some time for ourselves and develop a complete website. This new website features a very simple and neat concept. All navigation and elements of the website are brought from the side. If you are navigating forward in the menu, new elements will appear from the right hand side and if you are moving backwards, the elements will appear from the left hand side. This new website has been developed with deep linking enabled. A feature which is not commonly found in Flash websites. Deep linking is the technique used to enable the back / forward button in flash and to enable bookmarking of internal pages. A lot of Flash websites lack this feature.

In Malta we are surely the first company to implement this feature and I haven't yet seen any other local website using this feature. Normally, Flash websites would consist of one 'page' and you always have to land in that page and then start browsing the website from that initial page. Our website enables users to enter directly to the page of their choice by using deep linking. This is a technique which works by using anchor links. Anchor links are links in a page that start with a #. This is since that when you use an anchor link, the browser URL changes but the browser does not refresh. We would like to thank Asual for their SWFAddress which is an invaluable deep linking open source project for Flash. If you find any bugs or have any feedback or comments, we would be happy to hear from you. Feel free to leave your comments within this post on our new website!