After a long time of development and testing, we have now upgraded to our new version. The design of the website has been amended a little, the search system has been improved and the registration process has been made much more trivial and easy to follow.

These are the list of features which we have improved in the new version:

  • Quick search has been improved. One can now choose which particular fields to search in within the quick search by simply checking the list of checkboxes found next to the quick search. One can choose whether to search in the Title, Address, Categories, Products / Services and Description of each business. This is used to give much more relevant results.
  • Registration process simplified. The registration process has been simplified by grouping details into sections. During registration one is now able to enter all the details, even upload the location map, logo and images.
  • Amended website interface and design. Font has been changed to a much more legible font. Some small design elements has also been arranged.
  • Added LIVE Sales & Support Chat. One can now chat live with one of our representation, for support and help.
  • Advertising spaces. The website now features advertising spaces on the side and at the top for businesses to advertise on. Contact us for advertising details.

We would like to hear from you with your comments and feedback. Currently the website is in BETA mode (which means that it is open for public testing). Should you encounter any bugs or errors in the website, do not hesitate to contact us so that we shall fix them straight away. Any comments and feedback is appreciated. You can leave us comments by either contacting us or using the feedback section located from within the right menu in the website. - Homepage