Our previous brand identity has been in existence since CasaSoft’s very beginning, 15 years ago.  Very recently, we have achieved a great milestone for CasaSoft - that of getting ISO 9001:2015 certified.  This, combined with our growth over the past years, got us thinking that it was time for a brand new image for CasaSoft and we are now proud to present to you our new image!  Our rebranding comes in conjunction with our repositioning, where we are strengthening our position on services such as custom software, web applications, business process reengineering, custom enterprise solutions and systems integration and migration. We strongly believe that we have the knowledge and skill set necessary to help customers who value quality and want to increase their productivity and efficiency by going digital whilst reducing costs.   Our brand new image is also a testament of our improved level of service and high quality.


Celebrate with us as we look forward towards CasaSoft’s future!  And if you are looking into moving your business digital, drop us a line so we can meet for a free consultation meeting and prepare a customised proposal for you with no obligations. We’ll be more than happy in helping your business move forward too!