Two of our recent projects have been chosen as finalists in the MCA eBusiness Awards. These are, which is running for the award in the category for ‘Best B2B Application’, and, which is running for the award in the category for ‘Best eCommerce Site (B2C)’. These awards are organised by the Malta Communications Authority (MCA). The aim of these awards is to acknowledge unique and innovative ideas and initiatives in the use of web-based technologies and eBusiness for businesses and society at large. The short listing of submissions was carried out by a specifically setup independent evaluation committee comprised of representatives of the academia and the industry.

Established in 2011, these awards aid in the promotion of the most innovative initiatives in the domain of eBusiness for development and to spread awareness about the role of web-based technologies in addressing social and economic concerns.

The category for ‘Best B2B Application’ seeks to reward the application that, in the opinion of the adjudication committee, best exploits information and communication technology (ICT) to extend the traditional business-to-business (B2B) operations with an integrated, online, ‘click-and-order’ counterpart which, however, operates in a highly dynamic and competitive marketspace.  Romy Foods’ mission is to exploit the synergies arising from linking different key players in the food service industry ensuring next to zero waste in the process thus resulting in an efficient cost per unit for each ready-made meal. CasaSoft has been working hand in hand with Romy Foods for several months to understand their business processes and shape the solution which fits their business requirements.  The solution provided aims at digitalising their processes making their operations more efficient, productive and less error prone.  The system is built using the Agile methodology where we meet regularly with the client, preview continuous prototypes in order to collect crucial feedback and ensure that the system is built according to their requirements.  The system built by CasaSoft enables different stakeholders in this ecosystem to work seamlessly together across the globe.  This provides consistency and a certain level of competence. It also makes the process not only very efficient, but also accessible 24/7 from any internet accessible device. - Best B2B Application Finalist - Best B2B Application Finalist

The category for ‘Best eCommerce Site (B2C)’ seeks to reward the application that, in the opinion of the adjudication committee, best represents the business-to-consumer (B2C) application that exploits the unique medium of the World Wide Web to present effective, sometimes entertaining but positively engaging information, in a manner that has been specifically developed and fashioned for this online medium and targeted towards general online users.  Varsågod Online targets the Swedish market.  Its customers can create an account on Varsågod Online, through which they will be able to purchase their meals. Once an account is created, the system validates their postcode in real time in order to ensure that Varsagod can deliver the meals to that address. Users can then add separate meals or meal packages to their cart and check out. Payments can be done either by Klarna, a popular payment gateway in Sweden, or by Direct Debit Mandate. If the user decides to pay via Klarna, all their details will be automatically retrieved from their Swedish Social Security Number which makes this process extremely fast & simple to use. Once the order is affected, it is delivered by the Bring delivery service ( in Sweden. - Best eCommerce Site (B2C) - Best eCommerce Site (B2C)

The winners in each category for the MCA eBusiness Awards 2016 will be announced in April during the MCA eBusiness Awards 2016 event. Wish us luck!