Today 6 years ago, exactly on the 9th of November 2009 we had won the prestigious Best Flash Website Award from a panel of international judges held at the Digital Arts Awards 2009.  Back then Flash was the hype of that time and we excelled in that.  Nowadays, Flash is becoming obsolete due to it not being supported by mobile & tablet devices.  Times change, and so do we.  We have now adopted more modern techniques which still provide smooth & sleek animations which Flash used to provide yet which are mobile & tablet friendly - HTML5 techniques.

Hard work surely pays off and this year, apart from winning a Design Firms award in June 2015, we are thrilled to be nominated in Malta’s Best in Business Awards 2015 in two categories:

  • Malta’s Best-in-Business Online & Web Design Company Award
  • Malta’s Best-in-Business ICT Company Award

The awards ceremony will be held this Friday 13th November 2015 at the Verdala Palace, Buskett, Rabat. 

This continues to prove our strong commitment and dedication towards quality.  If you’re looking at upgrading your current website or developing a new website, contact us and we’ll make sure to impress you with the best possible service.

CasaSoft's Best Flash Website Award trophy which was awarded back in 2009 at the Digital Arts Awards 2009.